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Elijah Mauga-Reid

Elijah Mauga-Reid

Food Service
Do the Mahi(Maori for"Work"), and get the treats
Anathea Mauga-Reid


My name is Elijah, I am from Auckland, New Zealand and have started looking for new work.

Hardworking, Opportunistic, and Mature. Workers have described me in such a way in my previous lines of work and with so many compliments from so many people I came to my own realization. It's is only a mask.

In reality I am a slacking, unemployed loser, who only talks a lot of "Game" but has no intention on moving. That is the true me. When I had finally realized. I needed to make a change. I went into therapy. As ashamed as I am to admit, I went into drugs. I will not specify what types I used but it's best to know that i have used them.

This kind behavior was only due to the stress of working a job I did not want to participate in. I hated every second of working in a job I did not feel qualified or patient enough to work in and it destroyed my mental health.

But what had come to this realization did not only impact the negatives, but also positive things as well. I understood how I felt as a person and an individual. My own interests and what I wanted to do as not only a career but a job I can love. Enthusiastic, Energetic, Excited. The feelings I want to feel when I walk through the front door


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Work History

Factory Worker

Fine Food Holdings
Dandenong , VIC
2020.07 - Current
  • Communicated with ground team members and fellow operators to prevent safety hazards and keep materials moving.
  • Completed diligent equipment inspections, repairs and maintenance actions to prolong life of each piece of machinery.
  • Maximized equipment and personnel protection by identifying and avoiding hazards such as utility lines.
  • Operated Pallet jacks, Industrial ovens, Conveyor belts safely and efficiently with team of 14-16 employees.
  • Communicated issues that needed to be immediately addressed with Factory Staff Manger for quick resolution.
  • Performed thorough pre-shift and post-shift inspections and accurately completed all equipment logs and reports.
  • Trained in diverse pieces of equipment and useful attachments to handle any team need.
  • Worked closely with others in team-oriented settings to maintain line productivity.
  • Completed durable assemblies and subassemblies with hand and power tools.
  • Put hazardous materials in properly marked containers to avoid injuries or contamination.
  • Kept work area clean, neat and organized to prevent accidents, mishaps and misplaced tools.
  • Prevented equipment jams or wasted materials by setting and verifying accurate parts clearances.
  • Identified machinery malfunctions by performing Thorough searches and safely re-activating line after troubleshooting tasks.
  • Boxed, labeled and transported items to support assembly operations.
  • Sampled and tested final products to check conformance with production tolerances.
  • Conducted quality assurance inspections on finished components and identified issues.
  • Analyzed project specifications and other instructions prior to job start to pinpoint all tasks and determine completion dates.
  • Performed hand-finishing of final products after assembling component parts for food items.
  • Compared parts to stock lists and material parameters to check compliance and identify non-conforming parts.
  • Checked position and alignment of each component to prevent errors and minimize materials waste.
  • Kept work areas clean by removing trash and debris and organizing all tools in preparation for next shift.
  • Buffed out minor scratches and imperfections, which bolstered product quality.

Food Service Staff Member

McDonalds, Rowville
Melbourne , VIC
2017.08 - 2020.09
  • Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.
  • Responded immediately to calls from personnel to clean up spills and wet floors.
  • Collected and bagged garbage from various locations to properly dispose of waste in designated dumpsters.
  • Mixed, used and properly stored hazardous chemical cleaners to reduce risk of injury or illness.
  • Sanitized toilets, sinks, showers, kitchen surfaces and other high-traffic home fixtures.
  • Supervised supplies in inventory and submitted reorder requests.
  • Used cleaners and squeegees to clean windows, glass partitions and mirrors.
  • Arranged and removed tables, chairs and decorations to prepare facilities for events such as meetings and banquets.
  • Cleaned and organized restrooms by restocking dispensers, sanitizing fixtures and spot cleaning partition walls and doors.
  • Improved building cleanliness by employing proper training methods and using time management for both the building and customers.
  • Handled equipment, chemicals and materials properly and with caution.
  • Delivered quality customer service to address urgent needs and cleaning requests.
  • Safely cleaned industrial job sites using maximum strength cleaning solutions and equipment.
  • Emptied trashcans and transported waste to collection areas.
  • Mentored new team members on POS system operation, customer service strategies and sales goals.
  • Completed manual and machine counts of funds for transactions valued at over $200.
  • Served needs of more than 30-40 customers in busy overflowed environment.
  • Resolved customer complaints and maintained clean and tidy checkout area.
  • Mopped hardwood, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, glass and wood surfaces.
  • Cleaned desks, office equipment, walls, files, ledges and countertops by dusting surfaces.


No Degree - General Studies

Rowville Secondary College - Eastern Campus, Rowville
2017.02 - 2019.03
  • Majored in English, Health and PE and History
  • Minored in Math and Science
  • Continuing education in Japanese studies


    Assembly and production line



Japanese culture

Video Games


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I like to try different food from different cultures, especially Asian/Japanese cuisine. I like to cook and try my own cooking with friends/loved ones. But the one thing I truly love the most is making people feel welcome or happy to be around me and vice versa.


Factory Worker - Fine Food Holdings
2020.07 - Current
Food Service Staff Member - McDonalds, Rowville
2017.08 - 2020.09
Rowville Secondary College - Eastern Campus - No Degree, General Studies
2017.02 - 2019.03
Elijah Mauga-ReidFood Service